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2017 GI JOE Transformers Crossover Only Human RODIMUS PRIME Action Figure (moc) GI Joe Action Figures & G.I. Vintage Toys at Guru-Planet

2016 GI JOE CLUB/Transformers Club Crossover Only Human RODIMUS PRIME Action Figure (moc)

Using the familiar artificial cellular goop, Old Snake and Victor Drath have trapped four of the Autobots' highest-ranking fighters' brainwaves inside Synthoid bodies. Before the synthetic plasma can be discarded, however, the Autobots' consciousnesses take over the bodies and the quartet manage to escape. Rodimus Prime, Arcee, and their other Autobot friends must find out what the ruthless masterminds' plans are and regain control of their robotic bodies before disaster descends on Autobot City and the E.D.C. (Earth Defense Command) - All while dealing with what it means to be "Only Human".

Rodimus Prime figure includes two photon lasers, pole, string, fish, and display stand. Figure comes packaged on a vintage style blister card.

2017 GI JOE Transformers Crossover Only Human RODIMUS PRIME Action Figure (moc) B-excl2016-1077Regular price: $54.99Sale price: $49.99

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years.

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